VIBE Kick Picks: Queens-Bound With The Slowbucks


This week, we’ve got something special for you guys in our latest VIBE Kick Picks.

Is #Queens in the building? They sure were when we took the E train out to Jamaica Center to meet up with fashion, music, and all-around urban tastemakers The Slowbucks. You’ve probably seen their “money snail” logo on the chests of people like Chris Brown, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and more. Check it out below to see what we mean:


With Slowbucks TV, the duo—”Slow” & “Bucks” (their fitting aka’s)—plan to revamp urban fashion and really rep Queens to the fullest.

“Slowbucks was a platform created to make opportunities for those less fortunate to be around certain people in high places,” Bucks told us about their brand. He continued by adding, “Slowbucks TV shows people that if you help yourself, people will help you. There’s so many things that can be created from it. We see it getting big enough to create more opportunities for those supporting us. That’s the goal—creating so that everybody gets on top. The sky’s the limit.”

Slowbucks TV has tons in store (thanks to an impressive relaunch of the site), so definitely head over there & experience the movement by clicking [HERE]

Before you go though, check out the classic footwear going on in their camp. Seeing that both dudes are always on top of their shoegame, we had to get a few snap of the sneakers.

Catch their first sneaker story below, then move on in the gallery to see the next:

The Sneaker:

Nike Zoom KD IV 4 Gold Medal

The Story:

“The gold matches my jewelry, so…yeah [Laughs]. KD!”