VIBE Vixen’s Top 5 Favorite Beyonce Videos!

It’s hard to narrow down the top 5 Beyoncé videos. From “Crazy In Love” to “Countdown,” King B consistently creates a new standard with each mini movie.

1. Party

It’s only right that the top video in honor of B’Day is “Party.” This colorful fun video makes us wish were were in the mix, and even gives us a new respect for trailer parks.

2. Single Ladies

This happily married lady, made being single look so much fun in her black and white video. Thousands of fans broke their necks trying to recreate the moves, and even caused Kanye to be hated by many after his stint with Taylor Swift at the VMAs. This video should be carved in any great Beyonce video list.

3. Naughty Girl

Vintage Beyonce and Usher collaborated to create this super sexy video. The hot dance moves, seductive clothing and chemistry between these two superstars made us believe it was a little more than acting (at the time).

4. Why Don’t You Love Me

Beyonce as B.B. Homemaker was too cute! She even set trends with rounded nails, and winged liner.

5. Flaws and All

We all can relate to the lyrics of ‘Flaws and All,’ but Beyonce showed us her goofy side in this video which also made her human.