Vibe’s Top Remixes of Avicii’s “Levels”


Tim Bergling aka Avicii captured the nation’s hearts with one melody. The upbeat big room EDM anthem “Levels” spread across the country at rates similar to a forest fire. Whether it was being heard in clubs, bars, or on radio stations, “Levels” (or “Le7els”) was everywhere and easily became the soundtrack for neon-loving, glow stick hoarding teeny boppers. The flannel sporting Avicii became every teenager’s favorite DJ and the face of EDM’s surge across the US.

Although ‘Levels’ is now played out and fellow DJ/producers such as Swedish House Mafia and Dirty South have provided new anthems for the masses to love, the intoxicating melody that Bergling created offered plenty of room for remixes. Being that the bar was set so high with the original’s massive success, DJ/producers who ventured to remix “Levels” faced a situation of high risk, high reward.

Enter Vibe’s Top “Levels” Remixes. Each of these producers took their unique style and applied it to their personal take on Avicii’s mega hit. Even though the ‘Levels’ hype is behind us, VIBE is gives kudos to these producers who made “Levels” reach the next…. ahem.

Matthew Sterling

New York based producer/vocalist Matthew Sterling has had a very long history in music. Whether it be his work with an orchestra playing one of the many instruments in his skill set or producing a pop tune, the young Sterling doesn’t limit his music to any specific genre. This remix of ‘Levels’ is the epitome of bass fueled insanity. Taking the dubstep route, Sterling uses the uplifting chorus from Bergling’s original and offers up some massive gut wrenching drops. For those of you who love this tune as much as VIBE did, it is available for free download on Sterling’s soundcloud.

Harvard Bass

West Coast DJ/producer Victor Hugo aka Harvard Bass presents a sound that stays true to his name. With his productions featuring a unique mix of glitchy synths and huge bass, the Boys Noize ally has long established himself as a producer who brings the heat. With this bootleg, Bass offers up an almost dub-esque take with ‘Levels’. Belied in realm of dark techno, this remix should definitely please underground fanatics.


Youngblood DJ/producer Clockwork has been circulating around the music industry since long before he was legally an adult. Now with a long list of successful releases and massive support coming in from dance titans such as Steve Angello, Tiësto and Steve Aoki, Henry Steinway has clearly established his place in the EDM community. With his main goal being to venture from the typical in your face electro style, Clockwork offers up an incredible bass fueled remix of “Levels.” Packed with ripping bass lines and mood changes.

Henrik B

While usually more closely associated with techno in the early stages of his career, Swedish DJ/producer Henrik B, began crossing genres over time. When he began working closely with progressive powerhouses such as Eric Prydz, Steve Angello and John Dahlbäck, the talented Swede truly found his sound. Henrik’s remix of “Levels” does an amazing job of showcasing his true sound depth. Using key components of both techno and progressive, B’s rework is a unique creation that brings “Levels” back to glory.


Considered by many to be America’s dubstep prince, this 3-time Grammy winning and recent VMA nab, is so popular that half-shaven heads, black rim glasses and tight skinny jeans are popular in highschools all over America. (We’re not kidding)! With each one of his performances being some of the most intense music events one could attend, Sonny Moore has solidified his place in music royalty as he continues to conduct symphonies filled with grueling bass fueled productions. Along with his many other high profile projects, most recently a track collaboration with Kanye West, Skrillex took his iconic devastating sound and brought “Levels” to new heights. Released on the official “Levels The Remixes” EP earlier this year, Skrillex has done it once again and provided something incredibly dope and original.

Bonus! Even Flo Rida renamed the tune,”Good Feeling,” sampling Avicii’s hot beats.

Which one is your favorite?