VIDEO: Rihanna Fires Machine Guns at Las Vegas Shooting Range

Rihanna’s affinity with guns is old news. A black firearm is inked across her right side, and she played a weapons specialist in the summer blockbuster Battleship. On her Loud track “Man Down,” she raps about pulling out a gun. But on Thursday night, Rihanna got as close as she could to the real thing when she visited a Las Vegas gun park.

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In Sin City for the second annual iHeartRadio Music Festival, the “You Da One” singer hit up the Guns and Ammo Garage, a shooting range with the tagline “We Make Guns Fun” that specializes in mobster-like semi-automatics. There she fired off an AR-15, a M4 carbine and a SAW (aka Squad Automatic Weapon) machine gun, according to staff. Her aim wasn’t too bad either. She later uploaded a photo of her presumed target paper and most of the bullet holes were pretty close to the bullseye.

A camera above the shooting lane captured footage of Rihanna pulling the trigger. You can watch it below.