VIDEO: Watch Mitt Romney Awkwardly Confront A Gay Veteran

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The awkwardness of the GOP knows no bounds.

With President Barack Obama set to deliver his Democratic National Convention speech tonight, this flashback video courtesy of the good folks at Upworthy finds his opponent, Mitt Romney, caught in a bit of hiccup with a potential voter.

The incident took place back in December 2011, where during a Romney campaign stop in New Hampshire, the GOP presidential candidate decided to drop by Vietnam War veteran Bob Garon’s breakfast table for a quick chat and photo-op. What the Mormon Republican did not know is that Garon was sitting with his husband, whom he had just married a few months prior.

What takes place in the video below may just be one of the top three moments where Romney had no idea what was going on. You can see the brouhaha for yourself below:

Props: Upworthy