Vixen Chat: Keyshia Dior Talks KA’OIR Collaboration with Snooki

VIBE VIXEN: When did you first meet Snooki?
KEYSHIA DIOR: I actually met Snooki the day of the photoshoot.

What she how you imagined she’d be?
It was normal. She’s a nice person. She’s not as crazy as I thought she was from the show, but again you can’t judge someone by watching their shows. She’s very smart, intelligent, and she’s actually funny.

I’ve heard a lot about your booming cosmetics line and it being a million-dollar business at this point. Update us on how it’s grown.
KA’OIR has definitely grown. I don’t think the success has hit me yet, because I’m not satisfied. I’m grateful, I’m thankful, I’m honored, but I want so much more and I’m not there yet. So I just keep working and do whatever I need to do to make the brand so much bigger and to make it so much more successful because there is a lot more to do with the brand.

When you first started did you ever think that it would grow to this point?
I knew it would be huge, but not so quickly. Whatever I do, I know that it’s going to be big because I don’t doubt myself. With most companies, they tell you your first two years are going to be negative. Not with Ka’oir. It was positive from day one as far as the profits and the funds go.

You were definitely ahead of the bright lip color trend.
Definitely. I am so unique and so fashionable where people are going to look at me and want to know what she’s wearing and want to where that versus a regular line. I was the first to do it, so people like things that are different. That’s what really did it for the brand.

Did you or Snooki choose the pink shade, and how involved was she in the process?
Snooki chose it. When I thought about Snooki, my vision was for her to have a purple or a blue because Trina had just done a pink. I wanted to have another endorser that would do something wild like how I would wear the blue. Snooki wasn’t having that [laughs]. She wanted a nude or maybe a pink.

What other three celebrities you would want to collaborate with in the future?
Definitely Rihanna, because she’s fashionable. She’s very fashion forward. I want a celeb [who] can wear every color and feel comfortable wearing it, and Rihanna will wear anything because that’s just her swag. I also think Katy Perry is a celebrity that can pull off the entire line, and maybe Jessie J.

What do you feel that you’ve learned the most by being in this business of cosmetics?
You have to keep coming out with new stuff, different things. KA’OIR is a totally different line versus a regular pink and nude and green lipstick line. It’s different, so I have to constantly think of different products to come out with that’s never been done before or something funky.

I know you guys have the Survivor lipstick, so what other things do you want to do as far as charities with your brand?
I haven’t done this yet but I want to speak to young girls or create a charity for them, the younger girls who’ve probably been raped or have low self-esteem for whatever reason it is, maybe homeless. I love them and those little girls love me. I wouldn’t mind speaking to them and creating something for them and donating.

That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re still going to use your brand for positivity. Lastly, what lip color are you wearing today?
[Laughs] Today, I’m actually wearing Love U because it’s nude and it’s my everyday lip color!