Vixen of the Day: Daja Robinson

Daja Robinson
Age: 24
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Blogger / Small Business Owner / Graphic Designer
Style: Urban Classic
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Confidence

Inspired By: The one Vixen who keeps me sane and humble is Sarah E. King. My grandmother has been my biggest supporter and the best example set before me my entire life. Shanel Cooper-Sykes is my motivator. When I fall off track, all it takes is hearing her voice to remind me of the woman I am, as well as the woman I hope to be. She embodies what it means to be an all around Goddess. Now that’s a Vixen.

A Vixen is…
A Vixen is a woman who makes sacrifices to get the job done. She never takes no for an answer because the impossible doesn’t exist. A Vixen is the light that shines in a room full of vultures. I am a her. I am a Vixen.

Photo Credit: Andre Taylor