Vixen of the Day: Jasmine Rubalcaba

Name: Jasmine Rubalcaba
Age: 33
Location: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Accounting/AP
Style: Urban Chic
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Lip gloss and a good moisturizer are a must!

Inspired By: Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis is the first to come to mind because of her style, grace and ability to make coping with her high pressure situations seem effortless. Erykah Badu is just fierce, artsy, eccentric, can sang (yes “sang”) and her perfomances are just amazing!

A Vixen is…
I’ve always been, and continue to be, proud of the fact that I can rub elbows in the street as well as with the elite. I’ve coined the term “social chameleon” to describe my ability to cope with diverse social situations well. I rarely feel out of place as I’m always prepared with an exemplary vocabulary and an extremely stupid sense of humor.

Photo Credit: Paul Eckelman of WCB5