Watch: Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion (Part 2)

The first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has officially come to a close.

On the second half of the reunion special, all loose ends were tied up.

While Joseline and Stevie J claimed that they are not in a relationship, the two admitted to still having sex despite the drama with Mimi. Things then heated up between Mimi and Joseline who argued over Stevie J’s contributions in their lives and whether or not he made each of them relevant.

In other news, Karlie Redd and Benzino cleared up any confusion surrounding the final stages of their relationship. Karlie revealed that the on the same day Benzino proposed to her, she found a naked woman in his house. She then deemed him “polygamous” and handed him a souvenir t-shirt labeling him as such. But Benzino was unfazed and said that their relationship was over for good.

The highlight of the reunion came when the show’s other love triangle featuring Scrappy, Erica and Shay got on stage to hash out their problems. Although Scrappy took responsibility in creating the love triangle and lying to both women, Erica and Shay still went tit for tat in a verbal altercation. When Scrappy revealed that his heart is really with Erica, Shay stormed off stage in rage and watched the rest of the show backstage. With everything all cleared up, Scrappy proposed to Erica in what was definitely an “aww” moment. Then, surprisingly, the two received Momma Dee’s blessings.

Watch part two of the reunion special below.

Thanks to Hip-Hop Wired