Webbie Arrested For Allegedly Kicking A Woman Down Stairs

Louisiana rapper Webbie is in trouble again—and you won’t believe what he’s being charged with.

According to TMZ, Webbie has been arrested for battery and robbery, after allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and stealing $340 from her purse.

According to a police report filed in his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA, Web attacked the woman inside a Chase Suite Hotel early this morning after being banned from the premises. That sure sounds familiar (Remember his infamous 106 & Park ban?)

However, a rep tells TMZ the rapper met the woman at a party that night, but never attacked & stole money from her. Webbie admits to taking the money, but claims the woman actually stole it from him.

Webbie plans to fight the accusations, after being released today on $9,000 bond. Damn Webbie, why so many lady troubles?

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