What Do You Think of Usher’s Relationship With His Mom?

Usher Jonetta Patton Next Chapter2.  “I was excited for him, and myself.”  This is Ms. Patton’s response after being asked how she felt about Usher being awarded sole custody of both his children. First of all, as a woman, I personally felt it odd and uncomfortable to see a woman so happy about another woman losing her children.  Regardless of what the circumstance is, any situation that results in the court seeing fit to take a woman’s children away from her is sad and regrettable.  There was no semblance of “I’m sorry that it had to be this way,” just sheer elation at Tameka Raymond being pushed further out of the picture.  Secondly, she’s excited for … herself?  Girl, what?  What part of this was about you?!  It’s like there really is no line of demarcation between this woman and her son.  That is disconcerting.

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