Why Breakups Are Tougher on Him Than Her


From WWMD (@WWMDtv)–So yesterday I stole this month’s Glamour from the egg donation clinic (more on that in October) and was highly edutained by a feature spotlighting “science-proven relationship news that just might blow your mind.” Lotsa great fodder for those loud dating debates that often happen when 20-something opposite sexes drink too much in intimate spaces. Anyways, the first one that caught me eye was this hell of a declaration: Breakups are tougher for men than women. Notice the absence of a question mark. Note the explanation below:

“Thanks to a neurochemical called vasopresin, men in crisis are more likely to see other man as less approachable, but that same chemical cues women to see other women as more approachable. This is called tend-and-befriend behavior, and it means that while you’re being soothed by your girls (who are probably saying that you’re gorgeous, and that your ex is a dick), the guy is dealing alone—and having a harder time of it.”

Well, well, looks like thickly knotted male camaraderie does have it’s loose ends. Aww, this point makes sense. Often when a man feels sharp pain triggered by a woman, his emotions are coated in false effeminacy, a state of mind he wouldn’t quite feel comfortable sharing with his machismo crew. Chicks on the other hand already know the deal about their fellow emotional creatures and instinctively cross into maternal patcher-upper once relationships decay. This also supports my personal rule of not dating dudes without close female friends. I need to know there’s someone who’s been helping foster your emotional pliancy outside this like-lust-love thing, big daddy.

Here’s another game changer…

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