Will Smith, Jay-Z Support ‘Free Angela Davis’ Documentary

Will Smith and Jay-Z, the two figureheads behind Overbrook Entertainment and Roc Nation respectively, are teaming up in support of a new film endeavor.

The companies will be executive producers of the forthcoming documentary, Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners, directed by Shola Lynch. According to Deadline.com, the film will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival.

Free Angela Davis marks the 40th anniversary of her acquittal and documents her journey throughout the case. Interviews with her lawyers and FBI agents as well as journalism coverage will be included in the film.

“We at Overbrook Entertainment are very proud to support this intriguing documentary about the life of Angela Davis,” Jada Pinkett Smith explained in a press release. “Filmmaker Shola Lynch has done an incredible job in revealing a piece of American history we thought we all knew.”

Jay-Z also added, “Shola Lynch has crafted an intricate and compelling film about Angela Davis. Roc Nation is honored to be a part of a creative collective that can present such a riveting story.”