Will Smith’s “The Redemption Of Cain” Gets Greenlit

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Actor and rapper, Will Smith, will be telling the biblical story of Cain and Abel — with a twist.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has given the go ahead to the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor to bring The Redemption of Cain to the big screen. The new movie would tell the tale of brother’s Cain and Abel, but with an unique spin, as the project is reported to feature vampires in it.

Smith, who is typically seen in front of the cameras, would contribute to the biblical movie by stepping behind the cameras through his own entertainment company, Overbrook Entertainment. This would be his first time as a director.

The Redemption of Cain is a family affair of sorts, as the writer behind the script is actually Caleeb Pinkett, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s brother and will no doubt save all the juicy lines for his brother-in-law, who may also play the role of Cain. The movie is drawing a lot of curiosity about how the story of Cain and Abel will be mixed with a vampire story, but anyone familiar with the work of Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter) knows that it is possible to pull off.

The project should be starting casting this month and is expected to start production in July 2013. Shooting has been scheduled in beautiful places like Jordan, Morocco and London.

Props: Chicago Tribune