1 Guy, 1 Girl: How Seriously Are You Taking ‘Cuffing Season’?


In the thick of Cuffing Season, a quintessential seven-month period where you’re knee-deep in a semi but mutually beneficial relationship, you must decide: are you playing for keeps or playing for fun?–Niki McGloster

HER: Cuffing should never be a season. The span from September to March that is known to singletons as “cuffing season” is prime time for relationships with a time stamp. A “holiday” to those in search of an on-call boo thang but one that I purposely don’t tap into my iCalendar. Before I can even pen my “Dear Summer” letter, my inbox gets flooded with seemingly nonchalant (but frequent) follow-ups from dudes who went M.I.A. in the heat. Not to be confused with a booty call or drunk text, these messages actually contain auto-corrected phrases and a personalized compliment or three. Check them on social media though and you see their timelines laced with screenshots of “thirsty” texts from females and a photo map of bad chicks on Instagram. I’m supposed to believe these single-and-mingle enthusiasts are ready for a commitment once they catch the chills outside their door? No need for a relationship that runs on a seasonal holiday employment schedule. Now I’m not trying to knock the good guys who are trying to locate wifey and spot a potential candidate. But like Kendrick Lamar at the voting booth, I’m ghost during cuffing season. While shacking up with a cuddle buddy when the weather outside is frightful sounds appealing, it’s not enough for me to celebrate the cause. I’d rather fall for someone who didn’t wait till Fall to take interest.—Adelle Platon

HIM: I don’t completely take Cuffing Season to heart, but I don’t knock it either. Both guys and girls spend summer partying, guzzling Ciroc and smashing the homies with a morning-after smile. Why not settle down for a few months and give one person your full attention—even if only until trees begin sprouting green? We all want somebody at some point and Cuffing Season provides that. Just enjoy your cuddy buddy. Don’t ask questions or expect unrealistic long-term commitments that’ll leave you with an empty box of Kleenex. Simply put: Have fun! If you want to take the situation beyond the season, that’s your prerogative (word to Bobbi Kristina’s pops). My personal suggestion for how to really reel him in? Do your homework. The best thing a girl can do is really know the guy she’s fawning after. If a girl I was talking to looked down at my sneakers and said, “Those Aqua 8s are hot! I don’t know what the hell Jordan was thinking by making the 8.0s though,” she gets 1000 cool points automatically. The temperature is taking a roller coaster dip, so don’t get left in the cold clutching at your pride for warmth. I bet Big Sean mula that you won’t be complaining when you’re getting exactly what you want for Christmas, meeting the entire fam on Thanksgiving and getting the “D” on a consistent basis. —Keenan Higgins

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