The 10 Best Video Game Inspired Halloween Costumes on InstaGram

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While Hurricane Sandy is making it hard for everyone to move about freely, the weekend served as the impromptu jump-off for this year’s Halloween festivities! You can check out the spooktacular images after the jump.

As folks dressed up as ghouls, goblins and their favorite reality TV stars over the weekend, this year’s Halloween excitement has been threatened by the frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy. But it has not stopped festive freaks from putting all of their dope shots on Instagram. While some are funny, there are others that are sexy and quite a few that are even ridiculous. Out of the many, we whittled it down to these must-see IG costumes. You can see the first five below. Make sure to head over to Don’t Lose Your Day Job to see the full list.


@TonyNguyne06 poses with his buddies (or should we say frenemies) from the wildly popular “Street Fighter” franchises. Can you name all the characters in this shot?


@J_Hinz_57 as Agent 47 from the “Hitman” series is bad enough to scare the Wolfman, Dracula and any ghoul that tries to haunt his favorite hiding spots.


@MeggSW dressed up as Nintendo’s “other” poster boy, Link, as a friend showcases his inner nerd by donning a “Minecraft” costume. Pixels up!


@Godfree and his friend, Raymond Stantz, get their Halloween jollies off as “Ghostbusters,” hunting ghouls at a Halloween party. Who’re YOU gonna call on Oct. 31st?!


The gorgeous @MassielValentin turns “Mortal Kombat” fans into drooling babes as the stunning, yet deadly Edenian Jade. Her comrade in arms for the night? “Street Fighter’s” Cammy!

Be sure to check out the rest of the list at Don’t Lose Your Day Job