The 10 Craziest Songs of Eminem’s Career


If you’re under the age of, say, 21, then you probably know a much different Eminem than we do. Although he still brings out the “Slim Shady” side of his rap persona from time to time, Em plays it safe more often than not these days. He doesn’t condone domestic violence; he makes tracks like “Love the Way You Lie” that bring attention to it. He doesn’t sing about hitting “Rock Bottom”; he creates powerful anthems like “Not Afraid.” Hell, he doesn’t even “kill” his ex-wife Kim on his records anymore! In a lot of ways, Em has matured, both on and off of his records. So, unless you grew up bumping The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP religiously, you don’t know Em like we do.

Sure, Em still records some crazy songs (Relapse had its fair share and Recovery had a few select moments) but we remember when Em used to be really crazy. Back when 8 Mile was popping, Em was a pretty wild dude. Like, as much as we loved him back then, we definitely lowered the volume on our iPods when some of his stuff came on, lest we catch the side eye from the old man or young lady sitting next to us on the train. So, since we’re looking back at the 8 Mile period of Em’s life on our new cover, we also decided to take a look back at The 10 Craziest Songs of Eminem’s Career. Take a handful of Prozac (just kidding, don’t do that!) and join us in celebrating the craziest Em songs we’ve ever heard in our life.

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