10 Items Missing From Rihanna’s $250 Deluxe Album

The music biz is notorious for devising outrageous rabbit-hat tricks to move units, but this one may take the, uh, cake. If you’ve got $250 lying around, Rihanna is selling a Diamonds Executive Platinum Box edition of her upcoming album Unapologetic for that amount.

Miscellaneous goodies come attached to that price tag—including an 11 x 17 handwritten personal note from Rihanna to her Navy, a 2GB credit card-style USB flash drive, seven laptop stickers featuring Mario Hugo artwork and a custom-made View-Master containing images of her style evolution.

Is it worth it? The choice is yours, but VIBE compiled our own list of items that could make Rih Rih’s deluxe package an even sweeter deal.


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