The 10 Most Memorable Rap Lines From ‘8 Mile’


The legacy of Eminem’s 8 Mile was not just that it shined a light on Detroit’s hard-nosed rap community, but it also provided a look at the style of lyricism that powered the D into prominence. While New York would claim lyrical dominance; the South would be fueled by its space age imagination, and the Wild Wild West was championed by its G code. Meanwhile, the 3-1-3 was a melting pot of all those things and backed by a distinct sect of wordsmiths that ranged from the macabre (King Gordy) to the soulful (J. Dilla) to hallucinogenic (Esham).

As we continue to celebrate the legacy of Eminem’s Hip-Hop movie masterpiece, we place a magnifying glass over the 10 Most Memorable Rap Lines From “8 Mile” in hopes of bringing new audiences up to speed on a cinematic classic. Hold on to your horses, kiddos, you haven’t heard emceeing like this in a while.

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