10 Rappers Who Need To Launch Their Own Viral Video Series ASAP


We know what you’re thinking. At this point, in 2012, do we really need to be doing a list about this? After all, YouTube had been around for years now, and there have been tons of different rappers—ranging from 50 Cent and Rick Ross to Diddy and Joe Budden—who have used viral videos to give their careers a boost. In fact, there are some rappers (we won’t name any names!) who are still relevant today simply because of their ability to make funny videos and send them out to all the rap blogs. It helps them keep their names out there even when their music isn’t popping.

One rapper who has done a remarkable job of using his video series to keep his name out there recently is Gunplay. Specifically, he put out a video called “Gone Fishin” earlier this month that featured him saying, “Y’all niggas blogs be boring,” towards the beginning of it before showcasing a bunch of footage of him fishing. It sounds like it wouldn’t be all that exciting. But, in actuality, it was quite entertaining and helped Gunplay show off a side of him that he’s not always able to show off through his music. Videos like that have helped him make a real connection with his fans.

With that in mind, we decided to put together a list of the 10 Rappers Who Need To Launch Their Own Video Series ASAP. By doing so, these rappers would help build their brand, bring attention to their upcoming projects, and, most importantly, entertain the hell out of us. We want to see how you guys are living! And, c’mon: It’s 2012! How do you not have a consistent video series popping yet? Get someone to start following you around with a camcorder immediately. If it can help someone like Gunplay, then it can probably help you, too.