10 Rappers Who Went To Jail At The Height Of Their Popularity


Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay sure picked a baaaaaaad time to get into legal trouble. After putting in a ton of work behind the scenes and playing second fiddle to his close friend Rick Ross for years, the Miami rapper was finally on the verge of making a breakthrough after releasing his mixtape, 601 & Snort, last month. Although he was on the wrong end of a beef with 50 Cent at the 2012 BET Awards recently, the fight that took place put him front and center on the rap blogs and made him a rapper to watch for in the near future. Things were finally looking ups or him.

But now, it’s all falling apart. Last week, Gunplay turned himself into police in Miami on an outstanding warrant stemming from old armed robbery and assault charges. A video of him assaulting a man thought to be his accountant also hit the ‘net and started making the rounds. And, it was reported that Gunplay could be stuck in jail for a long, long time unless his lawyers can make some magic happen. In the course of a week, Gunplay went from hip-hop’s next big thing to a guy struggling just to stay out of jail.

He’s not the first rapper to endure this kind of battle, though. In the past, there have been a number of rappers who have faced legal troubles just as they were starting to shine their brightest. So, in light of Gunplay’s recent arrest, we put together a list of 10 Rappers Who Went To Jail At The Height Of Their Popularity. Some of them recovered; others weren’t so lucky. But, they all had their careers altered by a jail sentence.