105-Year-Old Woman Becomes the ‘Oldest Facebook User’


If you’re 105-years-old and can manuever your way through a social media site, that’s enough to humblebrag about at the nursing home. But great-great-grandmother Maria Colunia Seguar-Metzgar, born in 1907, upped her game by claiming the unofficial title of ‘oldest Facebook user.’

Given that the sweet little old lady has lived through an age before even televisions became a thing, this is impressive. The Daily Mail reports that she celebrated her landmark birthday last week in Albuquerque with family members. One relative even posted on her Facebook wall: ‘Happy birthday Grandma. I love you and hope that your 105th birthday is fantastic. We are so lucky to have you in our life.’

Her 60-year-old grandson, Anthony Segura, told ABC News that he tried to sign his grandmother up on FB for months, but wasn’t given the option of putting in her correct birth year. So he settled with 104.

Seguar isn’t the only senior to be given the eldest Facebook user title. 101-year-old Forence Detlor, who was officially named Facebook’s oldest user by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg this past summer, got a tour of the site’s facilities in Palo Alto.

Regardless of who’s aging well on their timelines, Seguar’s hubby says that she just stays connected to let her family know she’s ‘alive and kicking.’ Let’s hit ‘like’ to that.