5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Threatened By Your Man’s Female Best Friend


Have you ever dated someone and he drops that daunting news that aside from his mother or siblings, you aren’t the only lady in his life?

His best friend just so happens to be a female. As horror-filled as that tidbit of information may sound (because you’ve probably watched Brown Sugar too many times!), your boo’s female bestie may not be as scary as you think. There are tons of reasons for you to be threatened by his “sister,” but there are also reasons why she’s not so threatening.

1. You are confident and secure in your position…

Confidence is a trait that is and will always be sexy. When you are confident in yourself, it is seen throughout the relationship. You won’t have to worry about any makeshift interferences or those endless stories your girlfriends put into your head. If you’re secure in your position, his female best friend isn’t as big a threat as she may seem.