8 Marketing Schemes Rappers Need To Give Up


Becoming a successful rapper is one of the most difficult things to do, but ironically one of the most common career paths.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent, or more specifically the proper business scheme. The Smoking Section once again is providing you with some proper tips, if you’re actually serious about your future career on the mic. Peep game below:

Problem #1: Setting release dates too far in advance

So many things lead to the date never sticking anyway. The artwork’s late. The guest artist you were counting on didn’t mail in his verse. Your paycheck’s short and mastering can’t be completed on time. Whatever the case, the misfire only leads to a letdown and building mistrust with fans.

Problem #2: Printing an outrageous number of physical copies

The overhead makes this almost illogical but even if you can get them dirt cheap are you really passing all of them out? Do you have the garage space to accommodate those extras Frisbees? Is a plastic slip-case with Kinko’s paper posing as artwork what we’re calling putting your best foot forward?

Problem #3: Paying for self-promotion

Buying YouTube views, Twitter followers and Facebook likes is the new payola in 2012. Stop it. It’s transparent and it all comes crumbling down when you go to rock a show and only a small crowd turns up to support.

Problem #4: Paying to perform

Any promoter that charges you to perform isn’t looking out for your best interests. The end.

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