A Vixen’s Guide to the Presidential Debates: Reasons You Should Watch


Start your political engines, Vixens!

Presidential debate season is upon us, starting with the first event tonight (Oct. 3) at the University of Denver. The first debate sets the stage for presidential challenger Mitt Romney to stake his claim to the White House, to stand on a literal public stage and offer his insights and policies to the American people. The talking point will be Domestic Policy, and issues encompassed in that topic are important for everyone in America. But what should Black women listen for to decide which candidate is best for our vote?

It’s become obvious that politicians are weary to directly address minority women even though this group is suffering the effects of the economic downturn worst than any others. And yes, we’ve noticed there hasn’t been much of a targeted effort to court the Black woman’s vote. So in an effort to mobilize ourselves, it would behoove us to pay close attention to certain the debates in the upcoming weeks.