A Vixen’s Guide to the Presidential Debates: Reasons You Should Watch


Presidential Debate Barack Obama Mitt RomneyBlack women’s unemployment stats stand at over double of our caucasian counterparts. Although we’ve experienced a decline in the unemployment rate, from 13.9 percent to 10.8 percent this year, this staggering number confirms that when America has a cold, Black women have the flu. The President’s seeming hesitancy to publicly acknowledge this fact could hurt him among Black women voters this upcoming election.

What to listen for tonight? The candidate who provides economic reasons to receive our support and outlines a clear plan to boost the economy; therefore, creating jobs in public sectors (which Black women are largely employed in) like, healthcare, government and education. We all know that the President can’t create jobs, Vixens, but what we do know is that he can create circumstances for the job market to flourish.

Black women only make 69.5 percent of all men’s earnings. In order to help our chances towards higher pay, education and after-school programs must continue to get better, especially in areas where minorities are concentrated. Currently, 72 percent of Black mothers are unwed, meaning if we are to improve our skill set and education as a group, which would in turn lead to higher paying jobs, after school programs as a part of the public education offering is essential.

What to listen for? The candidate who offers insight on how to increase high school graduation rates, help reform student loan lending practices, so it’s easier for us to attend four-year colleges, and the candidate who successfully debates on the importance of after school programs and early education.