Amazon’s Cloud Storage Outage Affects Airbnb

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Amazon’s cloud service is experiencing an outage. Hit the jump to see what sites are affected.

The East Coast region has been struck hard by a cloud service outage, which has crippled Amazon and taken down popular sites like Reddit and Airbnb. Lasting for more than several hours, the outage has limited access to said web sites and is causing problems for small businesses and other Amazon cloud users. Heroku, Fast Company, Flipboard and others have been impacted.

Amazon is keeping mum, saying nothing about what happened, but a spokesperson said the problem isn’t due to an attack, as others have speculated. Hacktivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the outage via a tweet, but the Amazon spokesperson said that that’s not accurate and that no attack occurred. Amazon chose to decline further comment. This isn’t the first outage that the e-store behemoth has experienced. In June, one such outage impacted Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram, among others.

As the story develops, we will keep you posted with updates.

Props: CNET