And The Winner Of VIBE’s ‘Future Sounds’ Bundle Giveaway Is…


Last week, we launched a contest in partnership with Dolby, Sony, and the iconic LL Cool J to win a Future Sounds bundle pack, including:
—VAIO 14″ E Series Premium laptop
—DJ-style headphones (MDR-V55/BR)
—All-access pass (one-year subscription with 10 hrs/month session time)
—25 exclusive tracks
—My Connect Studio Pro package
—Exclusive My Connect Studio features, additional channels and filters

We asked you guys to answer this question: “Why is LL Cool J an icon to Hip-Hop Culture?” Guess what: We have a winner!

Congratulations to Marc Bandy for his winning response! Read what he had to say below:


LL Cool J is an emcee’s emcee. I’ve been a fan of LL Cool J since his beginning. I remember when LL blessed us with “I Need A Beat.” To me, hip hop hasn’t been the same since.

This is an artist that, over the years, has set trends that many other emcees only could dream of achieving. When “Uncle L ” hit the ladies off with “I Need Love,” he started a style that many emcees over the years have tried to imitate, but could never duplicate. Later, LL showed the world that he was a battle-tested MC with one of his most popular tracks, “I’m Bad.” This song helped him gain more of an urban appeal. Once again, rappers were trying to fall in line and emulate him.

“Mr. Smith” deserves to go into history as an icon. When you think of hip hop, LL has always been there making an impact. With countless anthems, guest appearances, and even succeeding on the big screen, he’s continued to leave the world Headsprung!

We couldn’t agree more with Marc. Enjoy your prize, man! Thanks to all who entered. Stay tuned for more VIBE Giveaways in the future.