Vixen Chat: Audrey Griffin Talks Balancing Motherhood and Business, Sharing Parenting Skills with Will and Jada


When most people hear the words ‘basketball wife,’ they think cat fights, gold diggers and reality television. Audrey Griffin represents none of these. The wife of Adrian Griffin (former NBA player and current assistant coach to the Chicago Bulls), Audrey is proof that women can really “do it all.”

Besides being a dedicated wife and mommy, she is a motivational speaker, parenting lifestyle consultant and author (The Day I Took Off My Cape). She has also written for various outlets including Essence, The Huffington Post, and Sister 2 Sister. Audrey’s passion for helping Vixens in all aspects of life is more than commendable.

Vixen caught up with the Wonder Woman herself, and she had this to say about balancing it all.–Nicole Brown and Niki McGloster