Vixen Chat: Audrey Griffin Talks Balancing Motherhood and Business, Sharing Parenting Skills with Will and Jada


Audrey GriffinVIBE VIXEN: What sparked you to start Remove Your Cape?
AUDREY GRIFFIN: It all started when I became a mom over 15 years ago ,and I noticed I was overwhelmed with trying to balance it all. When talking to other moms about balancing all the responsibilities of being a mom, I found out I wasn’t the only one with this problem of schedule overload and just being overwhelmed trying to be superwoman. That birthed my blog and then my book, The Day I Took Off My Cape. I no longer wanted to talk about the problems but wanted to talk about solutions for moms and women everywhere. You have to know when to take your cape off.

That’s the key?
You can’t get anything done if you don’t ever put it on, but you have to know when to take it off. You have to learn to begin to say “no,” so you don’t overload your schedule and before you get to that breaking point.

What was your breaking point?
When my husband–he was with another team, so he wasn’t home. I was going to school and I was managing the household. I was also doing my work and substitute teaching. I was trying to do all of this, so I went from having my husband then not having him there. No family was really there to help and that was when I realized [my schedule] was too much. I actually went to the doctor because I started having like panic attacks. For me to start having panic attack was something that I couldn’t control, that was kind of my wake-up moment.

Do you feel like celebrity wives or wives of professional athletes have it a little more rough than a regular middle-class housewife?