Vixen Chat: Audrey Griffin Talks Balancing Motherhood and Business, Sharing Parenting Skills with Will and Jada


Audrey GriffinVV: Do you feel like celebrity wives or wives of professional athletes have it a little tougher than a regular middle-class housewife?
AG: I wouldn’t say they have it worse; you have different responsibilities because you’re in the home a little more. A lot of these women are business women that are running entire businesses. In my book I talk about management and how you have to build a team around you. Everyone, no matter if you’re a celebrity wife or an average woman, needs to have a team in place. Someone who can help you with your kids if an emergency were to come up. Someone who needs to be in place when you do need those breaks. Someone to be in place so that your marriage or your relationship with your spouse can thrive, and you can go out and spend time with them.

Now that you found a way to balance it all, what have been the greatest rewards?
The greatest award for me will always be seeing my kids thrive. My kids were not thriving when I did not have a grip on things. When you have a happy mom, everyone in the household is pretty happy. Now that I’ve learned to prioritize, there’s a peace in my home that’s priceless. Everything thrives around you, it’s amazing.

What celebrity parents would you like to counsel or share management skills with?
I would love to share management skills with Will and Jada [Smith] because I agree with some of their approach on things. I like the way they allow their kids to explore who they are, and I think there are are some things that they could teach me. It would be interesting because their perception of parenting is so different from the majority, but there’s a reason why they’re having success with it. I want to be able to understand why they are so free.

Lastly, what would you say about teen moms, their parenting skills and balancing?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Parenting is an art form. It’s not something that happens overnight. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those that can help you. With this day and age of internet and technology, if you don’t know the answer to something, you can always find out.