Azealia Banks Opens Up About Working With Kanye West and Lady Gaga


Azealia Banks is ready to take 2013 by storm, and she may be getting help from some big name superstars.

In an interview with Brazil’s Mix TV, Banks spoke on clocking in studio sessions with Kanye West in Hawaii and revealed the titles of two Lady Gaga collaborations.

While speaking on working with Gaga, she said, “I worked with Lady Gaga, but I worked with Lady Gaga from afar. We worked via email and via Internet. We have a song called ‘Red Flame’ and a song called ‘Ratchet,’ but I don’t know what she’s doing with it. She’s going to release it when she wants to release it.”

As far as Yeezy is concerned, Banks describes the process as “fun” and adds, “I just kind of went out to Hawaii for vacation, and he has a studio out there, and he was just like, ‘You should really come to the studio,’ so I went to the studio and just worked it out.”

Given how eclectic all three artists are when it comes to music, we can’t wait to see what these tracks sounds like.

See Azealia’s full interview below: