Bangladesh Talks Working With Brandy: “She Came To The Studio and Sat On The Floor”


Club banger extraordinaire Bangladesh is keeping his schedule filled dsy in, day out.

On the red carpet for the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, the hit-maker, whose credited for working with artists like 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, discussed his current projects

“[I’m working on] Fast Life, my artist, a Bangladesh album, Brandy,” he said. “We got the hit “Put It Down” [with] Chris Brown, first number one in ten years for her. Did half the album and that’s really all my focus. I just wanna see Brandy win.”

Bangladesh recalled playing records for the R&B songstress, whose album Two Eleven is due Oct. 16, and how he aligns himself with appreciative artists. “She asked me and found me.Brandy came into the studio and sat on the floor humbly, I was playing music for her and she coulda sat on in a chair,” he said. “I just work with good people. She’s really appreciative. Alotta these artists, you give ‘em hits and bring ‘em back to life, they don’t appreciate it.”

Peep the interview below.