Bassnectar Releases ‘Freestyle’ Mixtape


The dubstep pioneer and wobble master Bassnectar offers up his loyal fans, or “bass heads” something new to rock their heads to.

On the toes of his forthcoming EP release on October 16, the production guru with the dopest hair in the biz drops this masterfully crafted set he calls “Freestyle.” Featuring track collaborations with Angel Haze, DC Breaks and Mimi Page, this mix is an energetic bass fueled creation that truly shows the versatility of the mighty Nectar. Available for free download, this set is the perfect collection of tunes for your weekend soundtrack.

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01. Dancer In The Dark Intro – Audiovoid Remix
02. Bassnectar – Freestyle feat. Angel Haze
03. Jantsen – When The Beats Drop (Bassnectar Remix)
04. 6 Blocc – Ammunition Sample Pack (Bassnectar Recut)
05. Bangladesh – 100 [Acapella]
06. Dead Prez – Hip Hop [Acapella]
07. Bassnectar – Rap with a T [Instrumental]
08. Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay (Bassnectar Edit)
09. Zed Bias ft Juiceman & Simba – Jigga Up (Bassnectar Remix)
10. Ming & FS – Madhattan Bound (Bassnectar Remix)
11. Zion i – Human (Bassnectar Remixxx)
12. Bassnectar – Infinite
13. Bassnectar & DC Breaks – Breathless feat. Mimi Page
14. Son of Kick – From Here
15. Bassnectar & Double You – I Am A Laser (2012 Remaster)
16. Dusk & Blackdown – Kuri Pataka
17. Ed Solo – Egyptian Horns (Bassnectar Remix)
18. Bassnectar – Butterfly feat. Mimi Page (Bassnectar Remix)
19. Bassnectar – Hologram