BET Runs Anti-Obama Commercial

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An ad courtesy of a PAC ran group named Pivot Point has bought airtime to run an anti-Obama commercial on BET. The 30-second spot currently in rotation in battleground states such as Cleveland, Ohio, and Seattle, Washington, aims to express some doubt that the African American community has with the POTUS. The clip is done in black and white, which would catch anyone’s attention even if the content was drab, and features two young Black people both decrying Barack Obama’s record on their issues.

“What has he done as president?” asks the female member of the pair. “Cut aid to Black colleges,” says the male. “Cut aid to Black businesses. And his support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith.” Dave Shemwell, the bankroll behind the Pivot Point PAC group, has been working with Wayne Perryman to get this ad in circulation around key battleground states. But will this advertisement prove effective in swaying the Black vote for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney?

Watch the commercial for yourself below:

Props: Your Black World