Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: 30 Days Until the Presidential Election


There are officially 30 days left before you can participate in THE election of your lifetime, but you will have to excuse my selfishness as I reflect on the election that changed it all for me, and just maybe this country; so without further ado… “I am taking out this time, to give you a piece of my mind.”

You Can’t Knock the Hustle of the class of 1996. It was summer; there were lots of backyard BBQ’s, college send-offs, and the infamous teen night at Sparty’s Night Club. I was feeling on top of the world — feeling my fresh-feeling, grown-feeling reloaded. I could never have imagined as I registered to vote, that the person being introduced through the speakers all summer as one of Brooklyn’s Finest, would become my muse to discuss an unimagined president, while simultaneously becoming an unimagined presidential validator.

I am so thankful this is not Politics as Usual, so thankful that I registered to vote during that summer of 1996. My registration allowed me to make a difference in 2008; my vote was my voice. My vote, sent more than just a “president to represent me,” but a nation to be in gratitude. My vote, allowed Monday Night Football to be saved. It allowed the Slam Dunk Contest to be rescued. It allowed the Super Bowl party to go on as scheduled. How is this possible you ask? Well, my president saved the auto industry…oh; you didn’t know that one of the Top 3 advertisers in sports entertainment is the car companies? Yes, this is the main source that allows you to receive your programming. You can thank me later (or rather President Obama). My vote, allowed the neo’s from my chapter (Sigma) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., the opportunity to take an annual road trip to Howard University’s Homecoming. My vote, allowed my family to watch the annual Thanksgiving tradition of Drum Majors from the “Human Jukebox” of Southern University and from the “Best Band in the Land” of Grambling University to battle over the best back bend. How is this possible you ask? Well, my President secured a $2.55 billion dollar investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority-serving institutions to ensure more African Americans have access to higher education. This allows a new generation of business leaders/job creators to help bring the 7.8% unemployment rate even lower…now I am Feelin’ It. So the next time a person tells you that your vote doesn’t count…ask yourself are they Friend or Foe…I hope you answer foe every time!

To ensure I have no Regrets at the end, let me remind you that the countdown has begun. There are 30 days until you allow your voice to be heard. 30 days to let them know you were here. 30 days to ensure that the best thing you never had prior to 2008 remains. So register NOW at Bring It On. You are allowed to make a difference, but the question is…who will be the class of 2012’s unimagined presidential validator?

Mike Muse can be reached at [email protected],, and on Twitter @iammikemuse