Blackground Records CEO Gives Details On Posthumous Aaliyah Album


Aaliyah’s upcoming posthumous album is the hottest, yet most controversial topic within the music industry right now.

The man behind it all—Blackground Records CEO and Baby Girl’s uncle Barry Hankerson—finally spoke on what is actually happening with the project, in an exclusive interview with That Grape Juice. Below is a few of the important anecdotes from their interview with Hankerson:

On Drake, 40, and “Enough Said”:

“Drake and Noah did an exceptional job with “Enough Said”. The intent was too be creative with one song at first and see how the fans would react. We look forward to them hearing the rest of the album next year.”

On what to expect from the upcoming album:

“We’re working with 16 never before heard songs that were part of an album she was recording before she died. Fans will hear the same angelic tone they loved so much in these new songs.”

On the family’s reaction to the album being made & the status of a rumored Aaliyah biopic:

“We always expected an unpleasant welcome this album. Due to the fact we have control over the estate and authoritative over royalties we will be moving forward with this album. We never wanted the bad press that’s come with the album. The family might of made statements about us not supporting their daughter, but the fan support and peaceful intent behind it is the reason we’ve decided to go forth with it. The Aaliyah Biopic is currently on hold until the Haughton family agree to go forward with it. Before the controversy Warner (who would fund the movie) wanted Keshia Chante to play the lead role, and Aaliyah friends play themselves. We can’t go forward until Aaliyah’s family agree to let us.”

You can read the full interview over at That Grape Juice by clicking [HERE].

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