The Bloody Beetroots – Play Their New Single First


After providing the punk/dubstep summer anthem of the year with “Rocksteady,” The Bloody Beatroots – an Italian-based rock and dance project headed by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo – has decided to drop another atom bomb of genre bending beats on the nation this fall with the new single, “Chronicles of a Fallen Love.” Enlisting the help of Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Greta Svabo Bech (best known for her contribution in deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon”), the track is sure to be a stunna’ club staple for the new season with its breathtaking composition.

The single is set for release October 23 from Ultra Records, but in the meantime fans will have the opportunity to play and share their own renditions of the song with the original musical score available for download. It’s simple. All you need to do is (A) Download the sheet music here and (B) Post your version on YouTube, using full title and hashtag #COAFL.

“I wanted to show a whole different dimension to my music, I wanted to visibly reflect on the music that has influenced me and bring something new to it,” explains Rifo. “More importantly, I wanted the fans to be a part of the music in a brand new way. It’s about letting the music take the stage and stepping away from all the mainstream nonsense that musicians get caught up with. It’s about the music and fans.”

Photo By: Matteo Montanari