Bobbi Kristina Fires Shots at Wendy Williams on Twitter: “I Laugh at Clowns”


Twitter has always been an outlet for people to vent about their deepest feelings. Unfortunately, when you’re a public figure in the limelight, sharing your thoughts on the social network isn’t always the best decision. Take Bobbi Kristina, for example.

The daughter of the late Whitney Houston, has been a target of the media as of late and decided to air out her frustrations. Ms. Kristina fired shots at  TV personality Wendy Williams, calling her a “raggedy ass” in the process.


Bobbi Kristina Tweets Wendy Williams


Bobbi, like many other stars, isn’t afraid to attack with vengeance. The clap back might deal with Wendy reporting that Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy Houston is concerned about BK’s inheritance. Whatever the case may be, we hope it doesn’t get ugly like it did between Whitney and the controversial host.