Body Shaming Topic Discussed in ‘Plus Model’ Magazine


The issue of body shaping is a topic that constantly comes up in the media and in society. For women, when the spotlight is on every crevice of your body, you can be harshly scrutinized. It’s hard to accept certain changes in your body when the cameras are constantly flashing, just ask models.

Plus Model magazine is looking to cease this situation “with portraits of naked women proudly showing off their curves” in their “Love Your Body” issue.

In an interview with ABC News, Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones said she wanted to spark a dialogue. “I wanted people to say, hey, maybe I need to stop writing those negative things.”

The spread depicts women of all curvy sizes, each detailing a message: no one is safe from body shaming and body shaming hurts everyone.

The spread also hopes to deliver the message of learning “to love in the skin you’re in.”

In an interview with Huffington Post, Jennifer Hudson said, “I think it’s messed up that people are so image-drive and your appearance affects the way people treat you. It’s crazy and it may be something we do subconsciously, but there it is.”

Sound off, Vixens! What are your thoughts on the body shaping issues in today’s society?Camille Augustin

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