Brazilian Woman Auctions Off Virginity For $780,000


And this is what our world has come to…

A Brazilian woman auctioned her V card for several weeks only for a Japanese man to come out on top (ahem) with the winning bid of $780,000 smackeroos. Sweet deal? Apparently so since the auction is all part of Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely’s latest project that he says has taken him over two years to work on.

His brilliant idea was to craft “a document made for the 21st century,” in which a man and woman offer their virginity online to the highest bidder, while a camera follows them through the entire project, TIME reports. He aborted the mission when he ran low on funds and decided to take it from his home state Nevada abroad where he plucked 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini from Brazil and 23-year-old Alex Stepanov from Russia. As the doc nears its completion, the two have flown to Indonesia where the virgins were deflowered by Migliorini’s top bidder, Natsu of Japan with a bid of $780,000 and Stepanov’s doer who pledged an underwhelming $3,000.

Though Sisely has come under fire from the Australian government and countless parents, the most difficult part of the creative process he says? “The hardest part is telling the parents,” Sisely, who told Australia’s PerthNow in 2010. “They hate me.”