Bridget Kelly: The Ride-or-Die Realist


Bridget Kelly Special DeliveryBack on set in Coney Island, Bridget and I chatted while she got her makeup touched up. “There was something special about this song. It’s not your typical ‘dirty dog, you cheated’ song.” And it’s not. Boy in your arms, I never felt more alone. This song is about realizing that the relationship just isn’t working then deciding to walk away.

For many of us, leaving a relationship alone can sometimes be the hardest part. “I’m not a quitter,” the conviction in Bridget’s eyes makes the statement feel much more personal than perhaps she intended. “I always feel like I should find meaning in everything I’m involved in, so I work hard at my relationships.”

And here I am thinking about this ATL airport incident again. I’d gotten up on time, the driver picked me up on time, I’d already checked in and had my boarding pass in hand. I’d literally done everything I was supposed to do to make my flight, then security decided to fuck with me, all because they could.

Anyway, back to Bridget…Watching her perched on a beautiful 1972 Nova, I was proud of this woman. I first met the New York native more than a year ago, when I interviewed her in advance of the Every Girl EP. Since then, I’ve gotten drunk with her, been to intimate gatherings in her home, met her mother and gotten to see firsthand what a genuine, talented woman Bridget is. So I sort of get it when she says, “I don’t believe in ‘aha’ moments, it takes a lot to make me a believer. There’s a series of reasons why I’m with you, so you gotta give me several reasons why it doesn’t work…But some things just don’t work.”

Okay, last time about Atlanta. So the next flight begins to board and halfway through they announce they’re out of overhead space and everyone remaining, will have to check their carry-on bags–not a good sign for someone on stand-by. Still, I waited. I trusted there was a lesson in here somewhere for me. Maybe it wasn’t on this flight but the next, maybe I’d meet the love of my life or maybe I’d avoid some sort of crash. The point was: the lesson could be anything.

Finally, it was two minutes before the agent could open the stand-by list. Of the seven checked in, only two stand-by passengers were present, me and another guy. Finally the moment arrives and the other guy gets called. He’s clearly been there all night, so I couldn’t even be mad as he checked his bag at the gate then boarded. It wasn’t looking good. My chances were grim as the agent began to page the missing passenger (who ironically had the same last name as I), but when he looks at me, hangs up the phone and hands me a boarding pass, I was already on the plane before I realized the agent had upgraded me to first class.

See that’s the thing about life: whether you’re shooting your very first music video, trying to make a broken relationship work or just trying to catch a flight home, all you can ever do is your part. The rest is up to the Universe. You just have to know that when the Universe says ,”Let go,” it’s because what’s coming, is so much better than what you’ve got now.

And what better way to send it off, than with a song.

Check out ‘Special Delivery’ available now on iTunes and the visuals next week.–JasFly (@JasFly)