Britney Spears’ Legal Tab May Exceed $1 Million in Trial


Since Britney Spears was 16, she’s had a money tree and it hasn’t stopped growing since.

So it’s only right that Brit runs up a million-dollar tab in building her defense team against former manager, Sam Lutfi, E! News reports. It matches the amount Lutfi is suing the Spears and her parents, Jamie and Lynne, for after the former allegedly wrote vicious claims in her 2009 memoir Through The Storm. He’s filing a lawsuit for breach of contract, libel, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, especially after what he said were “false statements” being made about him, including anti-semitic remarks.

Brit’s defense team are no joke. She’s lined up Leon Gladstone, Stephen Rohde, Joel Boxer and Bonita Moore, whose rate is typically $500 an hour, but in court, about $700 an hour. Spears also brought along her conservatorship attorneys in tow, Geraldine Wyle and Andrew Wallet. A lawyer is also on hand for appeals in case one needs to be issued or should Lutfi want to revisit having Spears testifying in court (which she is forbidden due under a probate for conservatorship).

This isn’t the first time the pop princess has thrown up racks for legal purposes: she nearly spent a milli in 2010 to settle the sexual harassment suit with her ex-bodyguard. For the case in present, having eight lawyers at $50,000 a day over what is expected to be a 20-day trial comes to nearly the same bottom line.

Hey, if you got it, why not use it, right?