Bus Driver Suspended After Punching Cleveland Teenager


According to MyFox8, a Cleveland Regional Transit Authority bus driver is suspended after delivering an uppercut to a teenage girl, knocking her to the ground, then throwing her off the bus.

Reports say the initial exchange between the passenger and the driver escalated, turning into a barrage of threats where he claimed he would have his daughter and granddaughter come over to the bus to fight the teen. She spewed back that she’d get someone to bring him harm. 

It’s unclear of how the argument escalated, but he should have never resulted to violence against the young girl.

The RTA released a statement on Friday:

“RTA saw the video posted on YouTube of the operator incident on October 11. Through the investigation, we believe the incident occurred on Sept. 18. Upon identifying the driver, he was immediately suspended and removed from duty. His behavior is absolutely unacceptable. RTA apologizes to our customers for this incident. A full investigation continues.”

Watch the gruesome exchange below: