Bus Victim Speaks on Uppercut Assault: “I Felt Like I Was On Mortal Kombat”


Shidea Lanethe victim, depending on how you look at the situation—speaks out on what led to her being attacked by 59-year-old RTA bus driver Artis Hughes. “[The bus driver] didn’t think I had any money to get on the bus and I was looking for it, trying to tell him that I have money to get on the bus,” she recalls of the initial disagreement. She continued by adding, “From there, it just escalated.”

Here’s how she described the hit: “It felt like I was on Mortal Kombat. It just hurted [sic]. It was almost like a ‘Finish him!’ type of hit.”

It looks like Lane plans to take the situation to court. When asked if she was the aggressor in the ordeal, she stated, “I want to talk to my lawyer. I don’t really want to—I can’t answer that question. [There’s] more [to the situation] than that.”

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