Iowa Store Offers ‘Buy A Ring, Get A Gun’ Deal


A diamond might be a girl’s best friend but what about… a hunting rifle?

Well, one gunstore in Iowa is making an offer she may not be able to refuse. With the purchase of a ring more than $1,999, comes a voucher for a free gun. Harold van Beek, owner of Jewelry By Harold said: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So say: I’m hunting deer, and here is a diamond ring, dear.”

“We hope people know about the crazy jeweler in North Liberty that does crazy things,” the owner says. “Fun is more important than anything else, we try to put some fun in it. Hunting season is coming up, I thought this is cool, so let’s do something for the boy who doesn’t like to hunt for diamonds, but likes to hunt for deer.”

It should be known only eligible citizens are able to take up the offer. Convicted felons and drug addicts shouldn’t even try.

Inquistir Reports:
The free gun voucher will allow the purchaser to receive a Remington 870 hunting shotgun, which usually retails for less than $500. The voucher can only be redeemed at Fin and Feather in Iowa City. The rifle is popular with military and police organizations, who have purchased Remington 870s in the past.

The buy a ring, get a gun promotion only lasts until October 31 and has some restrictions, including the fact that the purchaser must be eligible to own a gun in Iowa

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