Cee-Lo on Mariah/Nicki American Idol Fight: ‘Hardly Anything’s Legit’


It’s the headline currently dominating media outlets across-the-board. American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj caught on a leaked video in a war-of-words. Indeed, after the outspoken Young Money queen sneeringly referred to the legendary pop-R&B diva as “her fucking highness,” the tabloid machine switched into 10th gear as everyone from Barbara Walters to Carey’s hubby Nick Cannon chimed in on the blowout that even inspired VIBE to dissect the showdown.

But while the unlikely pair have since reportedly buried the proverbial hatchet during A.I.’s recent Charlotte, North Carolina auditions, not everyone is buying into Carey/Minaj rivalry. Cee-Lo Green, one of the judges on the current hit singing competition The Voice, isn’t buying it. “This is Hollywood, California,” the singer-songwriter told TMZ, dismissing the confrontation seen all around the world. “Hardly anything’s legit.”

For Cee-Lo and his Voice cohorts, such talk is not exactly cheap. Many observers are pointing to the NBC program as being the best singing competition on TV—edging out FOX’s X-Factor and posing a serious threat to longtime juggernaut American Idol. This past Monday, The Voice dominated the ratings becoming the top show of the night with 12.3 million viewers.

Cee-Lo doesn’t seem to be worried about the January return of A.I. “I’m not intimidated,” he continued. “I think it’s entertainment for everybody.”