Chief Keef Appears in Gang-Related Segment on ABC’s “Nightline”


ABC’s Nightline goes into Chicago’s warzone and singles out Chief Keef in a segment called “Hidden America: Inside Chicago’s Gang War.” At least 419 people have been killed across a dozen neighborhoods in Chicago this year alone in related gang violence, more deaths than for American troops in Afghanistan this year. The program got together several members of opposing gangs in a town hall-style meeting to discuss Chicago’s burgeoning gang problem. Interscope rapper Chief Keef makes a quick cameo at the 6-minute mark as “the biggest name out there” in the Chicago gang-affiliated rap scene. Nightline brings up the point that Keef pulled out a gun on an officer and then bragged about his “pistol toting” in his homemade “I Don’t Like” video, only adding fuel to the fire. Watch the segment below.