Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Abused Students


A Chinese teacher has been detained after a video leaked online of her abusing her Kindergarteners. Parents across China were shocked to see the clip that confirmed the cause of their children’s bruises and stories: their teacher, Li Zhuqing, had been slapping, kicking, hitting and verbally abusing them, NBC News reports.

The closed-circuit TV video from inside the classroom made national headlines after parents complained about alleged physical happening at the Sky Montessori kindergarten, where Li taught. Two girls are shown being repeatedly slapped in the face while a boy is seen being slapped and then shoved into another student over a ten-minute period.

One father had reported Li to the police after his daughter came home with a bruised eye and cheek. “The teacher [Li] did it because she couldn’t answer 10 plus one correctly,” said the father, surnamed Han. “She is not a teacher. She should not be a teacher. To put it plainly, she is not a human being.”

The video went viral over China’s version of Twitter, Weibo, with parents and child rights’ activists showing outrage. “How can the world have people like this? Her parents should be ashamed of having a daughter like that!” wrote one user. “Watching this video made me cry … Children should never be treated like this.” Another abuse incident also caught media fire when a photo of another Chinese teacher held up a child by the ears.

Chinese state media reports that Li was detained under a 15-day “administrative detention,” while her employer, the Montessori school, which was allegedly unlicensed and therefore operating illegally, was also shut down indefinitely. See the abuse video below.