Ciara Talks New Music, Personal Changes And Relationship Status


Sexy songstress Ciara turned 27 last week and also celebrated the premiere of her new video “Got Me Good.” VIBE was on-hand for her private New York City party, where we had a chance to chat with CiCi about her upcoming album, One Woman Army, the difference between her music now than her “Goodies” days, and her love life.

VIBE: Are there going to be more personal songs, like “Sorry” on the new album?
You’re gonna get everything. It’s gonna be some really heartfelt records and some really fun ones. On this album, I kind of tapped into every emotion. I just let myself be free in the music.

You’ve had a very long standing career, what changes are people going to see in you verses your first album?
Vulnerability. You take less off your shoulders by not caring so much. I was free this time, and it’s the chapter that I’m currently in. When you start living for you, everything fall in place, and I’m living for me right now.

What inspired this sudden openness?
I almost feel like people haven’t had a chance to hear my voice. This is who I am, take it or leave it. Being able to share flaws through music is amazing. People use music as a vessel for support, or to get love, so why not use the things that I’ve experienced to help others relate.

What’s changed that you want your fans to know?
You gotta commit to being you. I want my fans to know that I love them and I thank them for their continuous support because they’re the reason why I still stand, because I know that people still get excited and that gets me excited and it affirms why I love what I do.

As far as your love life, are you dating anyone right now?
I’m super single. My phone doesn’t ring, but it’s also a conscious thing. Love will happen when it’s supposed to. When you can focus on you, you’re not confused by where someone else is coming from or what they want, I have clarity. I’m looking forward to love, because without love you have nothing, but I’m patient. I’m working on being a better woman, because I have to be what I’m trying to attract.